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It feels like WWE has no clue how to treat Summer Rae. Since the booking has been so poor and lazy, I would like to see Summer Rae join Breezango (especially if they're destined for big things in the future) once she returns. It would actually make sense as she has history with both Fandango and Tyler Breeze. Still remember her and Breeze parting their ways on good terms.

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Enjoyed smackdown live #sdlive

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i hope this happens raw after mania, but i know it won't. @officialajmendez

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I decided to move my #rawand #SDLive reviews here from Tumblr, because my aforementioned account wasn't fun for me. 😑 So here I am. Anyway, compared to RAW, which I could've slept over, 😴 SmackDown STOLE my attention for me this week. From @mikethemiz and @johncena spitting promos to @randyorton destroying #BrayWyatt's compound. Just a quick little review, since I haven't done this in a while. We'll see how this catches on. Oh, and Fastlane predictions are this Saturday on The Brandon #DilworthShow. 😁 ------- #wweraw #smackdown #smackdownlive

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mousoff Kullanicisinin 1461044116866771613_4110521083 Id'li Fotografini Görüntüle

#lukeharperappears to have seen the light. #SDLive

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#SDLive kicks off with #miztvwith special guest @johncena! @mikethemiz @marysemizanin

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#repost@_santizo1 with @repostapp ・・・ IM LIVING FOR THIS!!! CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS MATCH! #SDLive #nena

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mousoff Kullanicisinin 1461043094387842177_4110521083 Id'li Fotografini Görüntüle

Standing up for @carmellawwe may have gotten @jamesellsworthwrestling more than he bargained for. #SDLive @johncena @thenikkibella

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thedustyhaize Kullanicisinin 1461042472909112230_3737390183 Id'li Fotografini Görüntüle

"One thing you can't hide is when you are crippled inside." - John Lennon #sdlive #wwe #braywyatt #randyorton

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We have a FULL show lined up for you today! We talk about the shakeup at @impactwrestling. Where will The Hardy's land? Should Beth Phoenix be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame? Plus we recap Raw, Smackdown, and share our predictions for WWE FastLane. What will the brothers of #thefactionshowhave to say in response to their invasion of #TheRemix?! Join @cmajorbeard @brandonjclack and @bonnerfide. Today! 3:30p ET/2:30p CT. or on our free mobile app.

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Alexa Bliss ❤ @alexa_bliss_wwe_ • • • • #wwe #raw #SDLive #wos #cwc #205live #alexabliss #tna #ecw #ufc #beckylynch #naomi #carmella #nikkibella

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wwetotally Kullanicisinin 1461040607066052132_2319089527 Id'li Fotografini Görüntüle

John And Nikki Or The Miz And Maryse?

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