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pufferbellies Kullanicisinin 1521222975620385243_184315810 Id'li Fotografini Görüntüle

Three ALL-NEW Thinking Putties in stock today! #solarwind #stardust #cosmicglow #thinkingputty

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I love #solarwind.....

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marathoner_1898 Kullanicisinin 1519829808489173730_4541108326 Id'li Fotografini Görüntüle

Often to showcase the Earth's atmosphere phenomenon that is called the Northern Lights or Aurora South. Such representation is in fact the source of the solar wind of charged particles. !!! #Aurora #BeingHome #SolarParticles #SolarWind #spaceagencynasa

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katrine_blg Kullanicisinin 1518927716073398592_1549805507 Id'li Fotografini Görüntüle

Спасибо @piplz_ и группе #solarwind за суперский вечер)) это круто)

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catastrophe_fnc Kullanicisinin 1516982107725298885_1275030832 Id'li Fotografini Görüntüle

Юльки (2шт), сидр (4шт) и хорошая музыка (много) 😊 Спасибо @piplz_ и @solar_wind_band за отличный вечер пятницы! #пиплз #пплз #solarwind #solarwindband #пятница #friday

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starseedts Kullanicisinin 1516794462449057736_517739147 Id'li Fotografini Görüntüle

happy day, sunbeams☀ there may be times when accelerated periods of change can feel akin to passing through an emotional cheese grater, for some. your experience of shift may touch 💎how are you feeling in the midst of terra's current #solarwind bath? tender? exhilarated? devastated? mellow? allowance, humor and surrender are most often easier said than anchored in as a daily practice. 💎as you consciously update your #cosmicmapduring this period of terra's awakening, you may also enjoy playing with #sacredgeometry. Metatron's cube contains all 5 platonic solids and is deLIGHTful aid in assimilating and recalibrating new/updated 'information' ⚡I.e. soothes after unzipping downloads; brings cohesion to physical systems, components and parts⚡Its precision is of tremendous aid at the subatomic level where it assists in harmonization with the unifield. Importantly, sacred geometry is not additive: as a tool, it is akin to using an exquisitely precise harmonic template to organize light & sound into form💎 Follow your #breathto center yourself in your #practice. In gratitude and surrender, call upon the vector equilibrium (metatron's cube) to [aid/smooth/assist/articulate/anchor in/assimilate/allow/surrender/lean in/let go of that which no longer resonates/update your #bodydeva/ occupy your #core] 💎 I consciously ALLOW more bands of light to translate into the 3-5D projection of my multi-dimensional self. I consciously ALLOW and guide my body in updating/activating my DNA keycodes to the extent that I so choose. #aho& so it IS. @paulina.serafina offers this invitation: the sooner you ALLOW the quicker you will INTEGRATE big HUGS ❤ media: @consciousmediafestival #2017occupythecore #wednesdaywisdom #selfcare #supportthebodywithsacredgeometry #crystalshipearth #holographicuniverse #iamthatiam #rainbowonmytongue

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lemondeseveilleofficiel Kullanicisinin 1516788460877503957_2888830586 Id'li Fotografini Görüntüle

Mes amis, nous entrons dans une autre période de 5 jours de #tempetegeomagnetique- recevant des codes de lumière et des mises à jour. Comme toujours, ces perturbations peuvent causer toutes sortes d’affections physiques et de symptômes, commençant souvent par des étourdissements, des épuisements et la vision floue. En outre, il peut être commun d’avoir des pensées obsessionnelles et de puissantes émotions qui refont surfaces, car tout amplifie ce qui est encore enfouit en nous… Alors, allez-y mollo, embrassez ce qui refait surface et laissez-le vous traverser sans l’identifier / l’interpréter. C'est simplement une surcharge d'énergie qui désire être transformée en vous. Alors, traitez-la (et vous aussi bien sûr!) avec compassion si cela devient inconfortable. Texte de Vera Ingeborg @thewakeupexperience #perturbations #eruptionsolaire #mouvementssolaires #soleil #solatstorm #solarwind #éveil #lemondeseveille

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jim_nun_kho Kullanicisinin 1516027725189427659_4020613365 Id'li Fotografini Görüntüle

Trend and postprice,.....Both have bad news ... so maybe a few hours will not go anywhere ...😂😂 #tradingforex #tradingmarket #eroupemarket #gbpusd #mt4 #indicators #solarwind #movingaverage #postprice

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timescientist Kullanicisinin 1515640276524688656_7426764 Id'li Fotografini Görüntüle

Did y'all know the giant thermonuclear reactor in the sky sprays ions ( #radiation, which we've gently branded #SolarWind) through the Solar System at basically two different speeds? It's true, revealed by the #ulyssesspacecraft a couple of decades ago, and potentially important to how things "weather" in space: In the plane of the Solar System, where most of the stuff in our system orbits, the solar wind is at its slowest -- decelerated by the magnetic field projected outward by the Sun and carried by the pancake of dust floating about between worlds. At a paltry 700,000 miles per hour, this represents the so-called "slow" solar wind. If you were to move just a sixth of the way above or below this equatorial plane toward the Sun's poles, however, the solar windspeed spikes up to nearly 2 million miles per hour and stays there. This is the "fast" solar wind. (The textbook chart illustrates this in red for the Sun's positive magnetic side, and in blue for the negative side.) My graduate work currently centers on just how big a role this fast radiation plays in degrading asteroid surfaces throughout our star system. Hint: I suspect more than people give it credit for. #planetaryscience #planetarygeology #heliophysics #everydayastrophysics #asteroidmining

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annastrellya Kullanicisinin 1515481425909670128_4059756743 Id'li Fotografini Görüntüle

#Работа #solarwind #15.05.17

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bethanyclaire_ Kullanicisinin 1514906128679603070_187727507 Id'li Fotografini Görüntüle

Now that I have matching bay boys they will forever be twinning. Welcome home Quin❤ #thisisthelasthorseipromise #bayboys #quintontheduke #grandquality #ottb #babyaengus #solarwind

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guillaumegogo Kullanicisinin 1513209308418401631_1503250897 Id'li Fotografini Görüntüle

Même perspective que la dernière fois, mais sans le brouillard. 😊 #ivry #paris13 #voieferrée #solarwind poke @sowhat_etc

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