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Ce, ce. Ce de caverna, de crepitar, de clítoris, de cavidad, de caricia, de cuca, de calidez, de caliente, de cachonda, de castaña, de cadencia, de caída, de cáliz, de cántaro, de carantoña, de carcajada, de caleidoscopio, de crisol, de cambiante, de carmesí, de carnoso, de casa, de curiosidad, de curvo... Luego, co. Co de coral, de cofre de tesoro oculto, de collar de perlas nacaradas, de contacto, de cosquillas, de corola, de colibrí que bebe néctar, de colina, de cometa, de color, de constelación, de cosmos, de conocer, de colmar, de contoneo... Luego viene la ene, la ene solitaria que busca compañía, que encuentra su lugar, que anida entre sus compañeras... letras sinuosas que se ciñen entre sí, que se acoplan a la perfección, que acogen encantadas a la che: Ch de chispa. Y termina en A, con A de amor, anhelo, albricias. Vamos, digan: "Concha." Díganme: "Concha." "Concha." Reivindicar la concha, de Eve Ensler #oursharedshelf #thevaginamonologues #monólogosdelavagina #vaginamonologues #eveensler

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shakespearessistertheatre Kullanicisinin 1456147480110384413_4589299826 Id'li Fotografini Görüntüle

Auditions begin tomorrow - who else is excited? #auditions #vday #thevaginamonologues

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"MY SHORT SKIRT. It is not an invitation... " #vaginamonologues #fierce #defiance #liberation #theater #church #celebratefemalebody@eveensler

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This book needs to become compulsory reading for all human beans 📖 Women should be allowed to feel comfortable with their sexuality, and we shouldn't still have to worry about preventing violence and abuse. We should stand together and fight for empowerment ✌🏼💟 @oursharedshelf #oursharedshelf #bookclub #girlgang #bossbabe #feminism #thevaginamonologues #eveensler #bookblogger #mybookshelf #bibliophile #amreading #instabook #bookstagram #theporcupineblog #wonderwomen #bookworm #currentreads

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#thevaginamonologues grab back for #vday2017. Cum see what it's all about tonight at Enoch's! 💋💋 ({}) #ineedthisonatee #nastywoman

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The Vagina Warriors of the play The Vagina Monologues which will be held @radissonblucebu on the 26th of February, Sunday of this month at the hotel's Sta Maria Ballroom. Show will start at 7:30PM. See there! It will be a blast! 👍😄 #thevaginamonologues #vaginawarriors #play #radissonblucebu #istoryanet #empoweringwomen #empoweredwomen #istoryanet #istoryadotnet

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Come see The Vagina Monologues Friday and Saturday at 8 pm or Sunday at 3 pm in Olscamp 101! It's $8 for students and $10 for adults, and all of the proceeds go to the Cocoon. It's a great show filled with great people, so I promise you don't want to miss it! #thevaginamonologues #bgsutvm2k17 #cocoonshelter

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ashdz Kullanicisinin 1455959296840113480_295252977 Id'li Fotografini Görüntüle

"Hurry nurse, bring me the vagina." #thevaginamonologues #eveensler

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latreciajanay Kullanicisinin 1455937387557763539_30371194 Id'li Fotografini Görüntüle

✨I'm so happy to have worked with so many talented individuals. I love you all as thank you for such a wonderful experience. Power to the Pussy! ✨ #thevaginamonologues

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braziliavaldez920 Kullanicisinin 1455930291985397818_202324164 Id'li Fotografini Görüntüle

It's no secret that women love to dance. Reporting in the Scientific Reports, researchers found that lots of hip movement and asymmetrical arm and leg movements of young women got the highest ratings as top dance moves. From an evolutionary standpoint, the hips are not surprising because fluidity here may signal a woman's fitness and even reproductive health. A researcher in another study suggests that dance moves can also be a "display of affiliation, friendships or bonds to other people", where displaying confidence helps one gain not just romantic partners but also friends. I would add just dance happy, dance to heal yourself, dance away sadness, dance under the moon, dance to bring rain, dance in the moment because you must and the world needs your good energy. And by all means, if you don’t wish to dance alone, grab another dancing woman. Join us in this global movement to end violence against women and girls. We're celebrating V-Day Cebu's 15th anniversary performance of Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues, at 7:30 p.m. on February 26 at the Radisson Blu. Presented by 2TinCans Philippines and directed by Sarah Mae Enclona-Henderson, TVM is for the benefit of Bidlisiw Foundation, Inc. Tickets are available at Anthill Fabric Gallery, Isidra Comfort Cantina, Handuraw, and Yoga Hub. You may purchase your tickets online at ({photography}) Oliver Echevarria of Limestone Photos 💪😄💃💃💃 Special thanks to Cebu Centre for Dance #idance #vdaycebu2017 #TheVaginaMonologues #vaginawarriors #2tincansphilippines

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rjoanne625 Kullanicisinin 1455930165863858825_1766164528 Id'li Fotografini Görüntüle

The media with the Vagina Warriors during the press conference for their play which will be held this February 26 @radissonblucebu at the Sta. Maria Ballroom at 7:30pm. See you there! @istoryanet #thevaginamonologues #vaginawarriors #radissonblucebu #istoryanet

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izzychelali Kullanicisinin 1454249255133064450_4677186021 Id'li Fotografini Görüntüle

Beautiful. #thevaginamonologues #bopo

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casavalentinamiami Kullanicisinin 1455838250265841683_1596084403 Id'li Fotografini Görüntüle

Article about #TheVaginaMonologues and #casavalentinamiami in the @miamiherald . Just 1 day away. Link to article*on Facebook @CasaValentinaMiami #checkitout #KeepingMissionAlive @olympiatheater @vdayorg . . . . #thevaginamonologuestakesmiami #itsgoingdownatthevm #onebillionrising #riseinsolidarity #eveensler #buildyourbrave

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anurius Kullanicisinin 1455797237916560971_196432210 Id'li Fotografini Görüntüle

Take every chance to listen to and taste 😂🙊😆 #vdayseason #theVaginaMonologues

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gembotron Kullanicisinin 1455787910498637759_36453325 Id'li Fotografini Görüntüle

My pretty daffodils are flowering that I won in a raffle at the Vagina Monologues showing in Swansea. 😄🌼 #daffodils #narcissus #flower #wales #stdavids #welsh #thevaginamonologues #shorelinetheatre #swansea

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zeelifestyle Kullanicisinin 1455728683981978541_212058458 Id'li Fotografini Görüntüle

PUSSY TALKS. V-Day Cebu celebrates 15 years of joining the worldwide campaign to end violence against women and girls in a grand benefit production of Eve Ensler's #TheVaginaMonologues. The show, which will be on Sunday, February 26, 7:00 pm at the Radisson Blu Cebu, will feature over 30 #vaginawarriorsfrom various industries such as medicine, fashion, law, furniture, dining and media. Tickets are available at YogaHub, ANTHILL, Isidra Comfort Cantina and Handuraw Pizza. #vdaycebu2017(📷 @candicehintz )

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qtheatreco Kullanicisinin 1455697304806887004_4463139728 Id'li Fotografini Görüntüle

"I am rising alongside all the women that have risen, are rising, and will rise in the future. I'm rising for those who were unable to rise, and those that are unable to rise now. We rise together. For what is right! For what should have never been deemed wrong. There are too many wrongs, but we battle them one at a time. I hope for an equal future filled with freedom and love. We should have never had to fight in the first place, but I am proud of those that have, that fight now and who fight in the future- until the day the fighting ends, and we have risen." Lori-Jane is currently in her final year of Musical Theatre Training at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and is also a passionate writer and creative. Lori-Jane is incredibly honoured to be part of The Vagina Monologues and the V Day movement! #onebillionrising #riseup #equality #qtheatrecompany #womensrights #tvm #thevaginamonologues #thevaginadialogues #vday #vday2017 #vdaylondon #eveensler #empowerment

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Matcha and I, proud vagina warriors! Catch me along with 30 empowered women perform to stop violence on February 26, 2017, 7PM at Radisson Blu Hotel! #vdaycebu #vaginawarrior #TheVaginaMonologues . . #queencityplus #queenbey #bodypositive #selflove #loveyourcurves #honormycurves #effyourbodystandards #celebratemysize #tcfstyle #alternativecurves #daretowear #andigetdressed #skorchmagazine #goldenconfidence #fashiontruth #imnomodeleither

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